One man’s initiative awakens whole country.

Anna Hazare’s initiative to check corruption has stirred strong emotions and support from whole country. Imagine if one man can shake whole government how much time will it take for entire Indian population(united) to teach a lesson to the government. Lets keep it on. Jay Hind!!!!

Harry Potter- Hidden Facts

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Hello Friends,

Sorry for taking a long gap. But I am back here and with a bang. I bring to all you Harry Potter Fans, something cute, awesome, heart clenching to ache over. Just like all die hard fans of Harry Potter, I too keep on looking for hidden Harry Potter facts that get inadvertently posted on social media.

Here is an interesting post about Professor McGonagall and her silent caring for Harry. Fact is that when Harry first saw McGonagall transform into a cat, he had an odd feeling of deja vu. Like he had seen her before- Oh My God- in the garden of Private Drive.


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Mother’s Day Special.


Rita’s eyes were scorched with blank whiteness. She couldn’t see anything. Everything had happened so suddenly that she could hardly remember what had happened and where she was. All she could recall was that she was crossing the street to reach home as fast as possible with all the gifts for her daughter Ziva’s birthday and a speeding car had dashed into her.

Minutes went by. She thought, “Am I dreaming?……. knocked off ??………heavily drugged May be.”

After an hour or so she thought a black dot appeared. Brightness of the white light dimmed.

“Finally”, she thought happily. ” I will be awake in some time and go to Ziva. Pity, her 9th birthday was ruined because of me.” Rita thought sadly.

The black dot seemed to grow larger with every passing moment. Rita prepared to find herself on hospital bed with few wounds. As the black dot grew of the size of a huge water melon, it stopped moving. Rita was puzzled.

It turned into a tv screen like film. What she saw in it uprooted her soul. She felt all her organs falling down on to her feet. A heavy emptiness was all she felt. She touched her skin to believe what she saw. And to her worst of all nightmares, alas it was true.

In the big black dot, She saw herself lying on the road covered in blood……limp…..unmoving….lifeless.

Am I dead?

No….no……… She stood up and ran breathlessly. But where could she go. There was no road, no direction, no sign……only blankness…..emptiness…….nothingness everywhere.

Ziva…..Ziva……Ziva…. She kept on calling.

The black dot was now blinking again. As Rita turned towards it, she saw Ziva frantically shaking her dead body and wailing uncontrollably. Her only friend and soulmate Nishi lying down besides her in tears.

“Ziva…….” She reached her hand to hold her, but the screen vanished.

“I want to go back.” She croaked, her voice breaking.

” Is anybody listening ? I have to go back! ” She screamed.

“My daughter is alone. I have to go back”

A small golden framed door opened at a far end. Rita ran through it.

A man in his late forties and a boy of 15 were seated on a bench as if waiting for their appointment. They did  not look at her as she approached.

“What is this place?”

“Wait zone.” The teenager replied.

“Wait? Wait for what?” Rita asked puzzled.

“To meet her.” He said calmly. “The Godmother.”

Rita had no patience left. ” I don’t wanna meet any God mother. I just wanna go back to my child.”

“Lady, calm down. That’s the only thing that works here. Patience.

I have been waiting here since 4 earthly years.”

“Why did this happen to me? Didn’t God know that I have a small daughter to take care of? Didn’t He know that my rogue husband cheated and fled when my daughter was just 1 year old? Who will take care of her know? Tell me who?” Her voice broke down.

” Lady, only Godmother can help you. This man has been waiting for 20 earthly years. God only knows when Godmother will see you.”

Frustrated, she sat on the bench with picture of Ziva looming in her mind. “Nishi, please take care of my darling.”She prayed.

“How did you die?” She asked the boy.

” In…uh….drug overdose. Yeah. Sort of jumped out of window from 30th floor after drugs. I have seen my mom and my girlfriend devastated after me death. But could not do anything. Was helpless yeah. That sorta broke me up. Queer, God didn’t send me straight to hell. He sort of wanted me to repent sitting here.”

Rita looked at the other man. “This man, was a soldier. Died in a bomb attack. He wasn’t this quiet before. But when his wife got married again, he stopped speaking. It’s no one’s fault. She had to raise a small child single handedly. It’s been eighteen years since he stopped speaking.”

The door to Godmother opened as he stopped speaking.

All three of them went inside. There was a large golden flame burning in mid air without any source.

A sweet nectar voice spoke in a very endearing tone.

“Rita, my child. Welcome to aboard. You have lived your life most piously. No sins, no selfish acts, no bad wishes and no atrocities. You are God’s beautiful child. He will be glad to have you back in his realm.”

“Godmother I have a small daughter who needs me. Please let me go back. I beg of you.”

“Is that what you want my child? Leave realm of the Almighty for a mere mortal?”

” Godmother, I had made a promise to my child that no matter what, I will never leave her alone. If I fail my promise then it will be a sin in eyes of God. How will I live here with that sin? Help me fulfill my promise to my little one. Help me like you help all your little children.”

” I am not a Godmother just for name. You will be granted your wish only if you give me a name to take your place. God has to fill his seat in the heavenly aboard.”

“Godmother, Kevin here has been repenting his deeds and is free of all viciousness. Please grant him my place.”

Kevin could not believe what he heard.

God mother spoke again, “As you say my child. I grant you twenty years of life for your purity. Stay blessed.”

As she closed her eyes, she could not thank the Godmother enough. She felt being pulled In a whilrwind, as all the years of her past life zoomed past her eyes. When she opened her eyes, she saw two pair of eyes staring at her. One was the doctor and another was the one she sacrificed everything for, her Ziva, her divine light.

The doctor smiled. As she turned to him to thank him, she saw that he was the same man who had been sitting silently in the waiting room with her and Kevin.

Such are the mothers. They will fight their way back from death for their little ones. This is the tribute to all great mothers. Even God bows down to them.

Happy Mothers Day. May you all never remain away from your mothers.


Thank you for nominating me. I had no idea. Actually I am new to blogadda. So it was such a Serendipity to discover this nomination while going through your blog.

For those of you who have never heard of the Liebster Award, it is an award for bloggers who have 200 followers or less; or for those bloggers who are starting out new in the blogging world. With acceptance to this award, you must answer a few questions.

Here are my answers:)

1.What is the one thing that you would want to undo in your life?

I believe God has planned every single breath of our life. Everything is planned- our successes, failures, goof ups, embarrassments and happiness. So there is no one thing that I want to undo in my life. But if I think like an atheist, that there’s no God but only science then I would want to undo breaking up with my best friends. (I hope they read this some day and repent like me!)

2.What are your thoughts on leading a happy and a simple life?

I absolutely believe in Simple thinking and high living (a bit upside down from the original: Simple living & high thinking). In today’s world which has been held captive by corruption, cheating, lies and betrayals we really need to go back to our basics and think simple rather than complex. And of course high living is the need and want of every soul on this earth. And it can be definitely achieved by simple thinking (you just need to click on your minds!!)

3.What is the best thing that has happened to you?

At the age of 19, a shy, dumb, helpless and meek girl like me was miraculously (almost suddenly) blessed with golden light of divine wisdom which transformed me and made me up to the mark of my real characteristics- bold, confident, smart and strong ME.

4.How has blogging helped you to reform your life?

Blogging helped me express my thoughts freely and I was so thrilled to learn that there are so many people who agree with my thoughts and loved my work. Blogging helped me get recognition as a fine writer and poet. My poem “It’s Time to Say No” got published in a book (dedicated to Women like Malala Yousufzai) of same title by the famous author Philo Ikonya.

Blogging helped me win “best upcoming content writer of the year” award in my company.

5.Who is the one person you don’t want to be in your life?

Not pointing towards any one person in particular, I do not want to be a disloyal and selfish person in my life ever.

6.What is the one wish you want to grant somebody(you would be a normal human,no super-powers)?

During my tour of Kashmir with my family, I had visited a small village. It had been torn apart by frequent firing between Indian Army and terrorists. At the end of the day after trekking on steep snowy slopes our guide who was a 17 year old boy had invited us to visit his house. They were a huge family of one son and five daughters. The youngest one Shaheen, 13 years old was the most beautiful and extrovert of them all. When inquired about her education, she wished to study mathematics in higher classes. The family does not have enough money.

I want to grant her a “normal human” wish of higher education.

7.Who is your role-model?

The great, the legendary J.K.Rowling. She inspired me, in fact taught me how to describe emotions while writing a scene in a book. Truly amazing works, even her life is quite an inspiration.

8.If given a super-power ,what one thing in the world would you want to change?

Changing one thing will not be sufficient. There are a lot of things that needs to be changed as they are all intertwined. So I would like to get an invisibility cloak like that of Harry Potter and then change all those things.

As for the question, if given the super power of controlling minds then the one thing that I would like to change is the selfish mindset of people. After all selfishness is the root cause of all the hullabaloo.

9.Your favorite dish/dishes?

Paani Puri and brownie topped with sizzling hot chocolate sauce .

10.Celebrities you want to meet?

J.K.Rowling, Bradley Cooper, Liam Neeson and Hritik Roshan.

11. Share an incident from your childhood.

At the age of 13, first time in life I experienced an earthquake. But before I realized it was an earthquake it was over. Being a sci-fi fan, I wished that it would happen once again so that I could live the experience. Next moment the harsh reality of its aftermath jolted our lives.  My dearest aunt, uncle and cousin had been buried under the collapsed building in which they had lived. My worst and scariest incident of childhood it was.
Now my turn to nominate!!I nominate the below amazing bloggers

Instructions for the Nominees

      >Answer the eleven questions given to you by the person that nominated you (see below). Please comment on this post with your link when you are done so I can see your answers!
      >In your post, link back to the person/blog who nominated you and give a little thank you shout out.
      >After completing the questions, nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers on the social media    platform of your choice, and give them eleven questions of your choice.
    Notify your nominees of their nomination, and provide a link to your post so that they know what to do.

My questions to the nominees.

1.) Define your self honestly in 5 different words.

2.) Whom do you confine in with worst of your secrets?
3.) What will you do if God asked you to go with Him to Heaven?
4.) Confess one thing that you have never ever told anyone before.
5.) On what terms do you love to live your life?
6.) What is your favorite sweet dish?
7.) Which dish do you think can be made perfectly by none other than your mother only?
8.) What do you think about guilt that working moms face?
9.) Do you think gadgets and social media are taking away innocence from today’s young generation?
10.) Which actor/ actress do you date in your dreams?

Yin and Yang!!!



Yin and Yang

Perfection is the perfect deception.

It keeps alluring us like mirage does to a thirsty desert traveller. What does every human being want more than anything? A perfect happy life. Happiness is the lock for which he keeps on finding the key all his life.

Happiness today means having lots and lots of money stashed in your bank account. Clearly money can buy it all. So here we prove it wrong that money can’t buy happiness. And ironically money is the reason for most crimes in this world. So all I want to say is that happiness and sorrow are two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other.

Likewise Yin and Yang are the virtues and vices, both together frame the picture of our lives. Talking about me, my most cherished virtue is that I am cool and calm most of the time until someone provokes the ram in my head. Then awakes my yang which overshadowes my yin. Yes, I said ram not lion. Because I am an Arian not Leo.

I am beautiful outside and inside. And I am proud of this yin of mine. I owe it to my upbringing. I am innocent. But I am not damn smart, vicious people can cheat on me any day. That’s my frankest yang. Do not take advantage of it. My another yin is that I am very bold when I am alone. And I need loads of pamper for slightest of hurt when I am with my beloved. That’s my most demanding yang. Wink

I am aware of reality, but prefer to live a fairy tale life as that is what makes me happy. I usually comprehend my mistakes gracefully. But sometimes my ego clouds my mind and I hurt my loved ones ruthlessly. Sigh.

I scold myself, I challenge my competitors, I love and am loyal to humble people- known or unknown, I backlash on injustice, I sing when tensed and I threaten God to loose faith in Him if he did bad to me.

My husband handles my monster and Barbie doll moments very well. I hope God will keep on doing his job well.

Because by this time He might be well aware that with all my Yins and Yangs, I am his most beautiful, sexy, selfless, loyal, crazy, wild and hopelessly stubborn creation.

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Time To Say: NO!

Happily Ever After

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Visit to discover Indian blogs

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Hello Every one.

Today I am going to share with you my poem “Its Time to say NO”. It is about how women have been patronized lately. Atrocities on women keep on happening even after world wide protests on such a large scale. There was a time when men actually looked upon the fairer sex with honor and reverence. Alas! Those days have gone. What lies on their faces is not love and respect but cruel sinful lust and greed for dominance.

I am thankful to the pen club of Austria who have recognized my work- my efforts to change minds of society and published it on their website. I also thank Ms. Philo Ikonya and Ms. Sarita Jenamani for publishing my poem…

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Time To Say: NO!

<a href=”http:// Visit to discover Indian blogs

Visit to discover Indian blogs

<a href="" title="Visit to discover Indian blogs" > <img src="" width="80" height="15" border="0" alt="Visit to discover Indian blogs"/></a>

Hello Every one.

Today I am going to share with you my poem “Its Time to say NO”. It is about how women have been patronized lately. Atrocities on women keep on happening even after world wide protests on such a large scale. There was a time when men actually looked upon the fairer sex with honor and reverence. Alas! Those days have gone. What lies on their faces is not love and respect but cruel sinful lust and greed for dominance.

I am thankful to the pen club of Austria who have recognized my work- my efforts to change minds of society and published it on their website. I also thank Ms. Philo Ikonya and Ms. Sarita Jenamani for publishing my poem in the book titled: “Time to say: NO!”

Thanks a lot. It really gave me a boost. Will keep on writing to bring about a change in the world.


Its Time to say No

Time may have surely envisaged

           Sainte Maitreya and Mother Mary;

Rani Laxmibai and Goddess Atlanta.

           The ensembles of prowess.

MaN are from Mars,

They raised eyebrows at their surge;

           But quickly bowed in esteem,

When paradigm of their power supremed.

Time may have also envisaged

           Their much anticipated downfall.

And the moving time handicapped itself,

             Silently perceiving the cries of shudder,

As they were ripped of their dignity.

The burning throats, the clutched foreheads,

           Tears of despair were answered with pack of lies.

Blood drained figures shrinked to crooked silhouettes;

           Reverence is a toy.

For all the lives that mutiny has claimed

           Now we need to stand up.

Then the trembling fingers will fist up.

           And the outcry will be holistic.

Well then you will pick up your cell and dial 1091.

           And say what?…….

Hello! Women’s helpline?

And then it will be OUR time.

The time to say NO!

– Love

Simran Bellani